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Mind - Body - Heart

Subconscious Imprinting Technique (S.I.T.) identifies specific events and times in your life you diverted from honouring and expressing your true emotions, creating limiting beliefs, behaviours, or patterns that are negatively affecting your life and well-being in the present.

Memories, events, traumas all contribute to how we operate in the world today. S.I.T. can have a lifechanging affect within as few as 3-4 sessions.


Scientific proof of S.I.T.

90% of Physical Problems Have Psychological Roots: While this estimate may sound like a gross exaggeration, it is probably a conservative estimate. 

A growing body of evidence indicates that virtually every illness that can befall the body is influenced, for better or worse, by our emotions. 

Source: p. 563, The Complete Guide to Emotions and Your Health by Enrika Padus and the editors of Prevention Magazine. 

When you have tried everything to relieve chronic pain, but nothing works, it's probably because the physical pain is not a physical symptom.

Think about a time when you had to suppress tears in order to "stay strong".
When you weren't heard or acknowledged.
In situations where you overpromised because you feared saying "no"...
Putting everyone else's needs ahead of your own.
When you did what others told you to do, because you didn't fully trust yourself...

There was energy behind those emotions and experiences.
And because the energy was not given time and space to be expressed as an emotion, it stayed inside your body.

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