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Intuitive Body-Based Counseling

 Connecting the Wisdom of the Body and the Mind


Julie offers complimentary 15 minute discovery calls to see if it's a good fit.


Intuitive body-based counseling is a private and confidential experience sharing your thoughts and feelings with a counselor. Through conversation, meditation, visualization, and other techniques, we work to connect the wisdom of the mind and the body and gain more control and mastery over our own lives. 


Counseling can be highly effective for managing stress, easing anxiety or depression, improving relationships, making decisions, and increasing health, wellness, and quality of life. It can also be highly effective for releasing trauma that may be held in the body and/or the mind. 


Intuitive body-based counseling is a little different from standard forms of therapy because it can include modalities like Reiki, energy work, meditation, and archetypal Tarot images. It also assumes that the body already holds all the keys to healing; we simply need to draw that wisdom out. The practice is very client-centered and adjusted to the individual client. You are the expert of your own experience, and you already have everything you need within you to heal. The counselor simply facilitates that process. 

Everyone is different, but I recommend committing to at least eight weeks of weekly sessions to begin. It’s enough time to get to know each other, identify the problem/s, what might be sitting beneath the surface, and start to make some changes. For some people, that’s enough, while others want to continue. It’s up to you!


Please note that insurance doesn’t always cover wellness counselling and we cannot direct bill. Check with your provider to see if your health spending or wellness account will cover my work with you

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