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Process focused Tarot

Inviting Intuition and Spiritual Guidance

Process-focused Tarot is a collaborative style of Tarot reading that combines the archetypal meanings of the cards in the Tarot deck with intuitive information and inkblot test-style information from the client. What the client sees and feels on looking at the card images is an aspect of the reading, which means the client and the reader work together to understand the meaning of the cards. A Tarot reading can work like a mini counseling session focused on one particular question or issue that can invite guidance from the client's intuition as well as any energetic or spiritual information that wants to come through. A client of Julie's once described it as "therapy if your spirit guides were your therapists!"


Tarot is excellent for finding blindspots in a question or issue and calling up the wisdom of the subconscious mind. It can help with making a decision, accessing guidance in a moment of transition, and connecting to your own intuition and inner wisdom. While the cards can sometimes give an indication about energies and opportunities that may be coming in the future, it is not a predictor of future events. 


No experience is needed, and the client is not required to share anything they do not want to share. 

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