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Mind - Body - Heart

Reflexology is the science that deals with the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands and ears which correspond to all glands, organs and parts of the body.  The feet mirror the body and when a reflex area is worked it elicits a spontaneous, physiological response to the corresponding area.  Think of it like when someone taps your reflex below your kneecap - creating an automatic jerk of your foot.  It is a spontaneous response!!


Applying pressure using finger and thumb compression techniques helps to initiate the body’s natural healing potential.  It is a whole body system of care that relieves stress and tension, improves nerve and blood supply and helps the body to normalize.   For example, if you have an issue within the digestive system the stomach, liver or large intestine reflex may be tender but after a treatment, the Reflexology increases both the supply and removal of substances on a cellular level and help regulate the over-activity or under-activity with the digestive system.


Not only does a Reflexology treatment feel amazing, there are many benefits: 

  • It is very relaxing and reduces anxiety

  • Provides better quality of sleep

  • Ease aches, pains and discomfort

  • Promote better digestion and circulation

  • Build up the body’s immune system

  • Improve lymphatic drainage

  • Cleanse the body of impurities


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the process of a Reflexology treatment?  Do you undress?


Before your appointment, Pamela reviews the initial intake form to familiarize herself with any specific issues or areas that you would like to have addressed.  When you arrive she greets you and guides you to the treatment room at the Clinic.  


You do not undress, but simply take off your socks and roll up your pants slightly above your ankles.  Wear loose pants so your circulation isn’t cut off!  There will be a flat sheet covering the massage table and a pillow to support your head.  A blanket is provided if you would like to cover your body.  You lay on your back for the entire Reflexology appointment.  


Pam cleanses your feet with a warm wet cloth that is soaked in Tea tree Oil, and inspects the feet because every callus, crease, discolouration and swollen part tells a story.  Then once a plan is made, Pamela continues with the session, applies coconut oil to her hands and begins the Reflexology treatment.  


Does a treatment hurt?

Pam will adjust the pressure or technique to accommodate each client as people have differing levels of discomfort.  The treatment is not intended to be painful.  Before the treatment begins, Pamela gives instructions regarding her expectation of communicating and when a sensitive reflex is worked, the discomfort should only be on a scale of 1-through-3.  


My feet are too ticklish for Reflexology?

This is not normally of concern as the reflexes are situated close to the skin's surface and with the slow, predictable and firm approach a ticklish person isn’t usually affected. 


How much pressure is used when working on the feet?

Pressure depends on the client’s preference.  This change in pressure does not affect the effectiveness of the therapy:  a lighter touch is as effective as a firmer touch.


Who can receive Reflexology?

Reflexology is suitable for anyone regardless of age or state of health as it works naturally with the body and does not interfere with any treatment or prescribed medication.  There are some situations that have contraindications and thus precautions or adjustments to therapy are needed.  These include pregnancy, being heavily medicated, heart disorders or serious illness including cancers, open wounds or infections on the foot.


How long is the session to be effective?

Most therapy sessions are 1 hour.  However, this does not mean that it takes an hour for Reflexology to be effective.  Sessions can be from 30 min to 1 hour, with both being effective.  A Reflexology treatment can also be added to the end of a traditional massage appointment. 


How often can I receive Reflexology?

There is no prescribed frequency; it is dependent on the clients’ needs.


Would Reflexology interfere with my medications?

No.  Reflexology works with the body and does not interfere with medications.


Can I combine other therapies while I am doing Reflexology?

Yes, Reflexology is a complementary therapy and hence does complement conventional medicine and other natural therapies.  It is recommended that the client spread out the therapies, so that they are not on the same day, in order to allow the body to adjust to the treatment. 

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