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A subtle yet powerful therapy that aims to gently balance the energetic layers of the body and promote a feeling of calm and ease.

Reiki is a subtle healing technique that originated in Japan. A Reiki practitioner uses light touch (or hovering of the hands), as well as healing crystals - placed at specific energy centres (or chakras) - to bring the body back to balance. Reiki targets the energetic body and stimulates the body's own innate healing abilities. As such Reiki is suitable for relaxation, stress relief, mild pain relief and a general feeling of wellbeing. Reiki is not recommended as a standalone therapy for serious or chronic health conditions, but can be utilized as a complementary therapy. 


Many patients report feeling as if they are in a "meditative" state during a Reiki session. Normal sensations are a tingling throughout the body, warmth, and a sense of utter calm.

Reiki's subtle nature also makes it a great adjunct to other therapies. The Wellness Clinic is happy to offer Reiki as a stand alone modality, or in combination with Acupuncture Therapy. 

Photo of treatment by Emelie Guenther

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