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Rebeca Ortega, RMT

Rebeca is an intuitive therapist who is experienced in deep tissue treatment.  Each and every treatment she ensures her patients tensions are worked out thoroughly.


Rebeca trained with Makami College in 2007 and is in good standing with the NHPC.  She spent 6 years in a chiropractic office learning a medical approach to Massage Therapy. Two years of relaxation therapy in a spa setting has enabled her to know the importance of relaxation within a therapeutic treatment.  Rebeca moved home to West Edmonton and has worked in Patricia heights since 2014.


She has extensively developed the following techniques:
Pre-natal massage, Trigger Point treatment, Deep Tissue massage, Injury & Treatment (MVA), Sport Massage, Relaxation, Hydrotherapy

Aside from Rebeca’s various approaches, she believes that every body holds tension and injury differently at different stages. She adjusts the treatment accordingly for each client’s needs and listens attentively to their issues.  

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